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A Researcher

An Executive

A Producer

My Being

Some people believe that they have lived, and are still doing so, a life absolutely different from others. They believe so, because they cannot find anyone around them having experienced what they have. They find this as the reason why people cannot understand them at all! In other words, they cannot find anyone to be "out-here" with them. This is it. Everyone of us has a unique life with uncommon experience. But a few of us are having the experience of more than one life comparing to others. We might be having the life situations of two or more people in our single life span. This is what makes us more complicated and less comprehendible, or sort of elite! It all depends on how we frame ourselves, how we look at it, and what we see! The "clearing" that my being tries to live on the court at the very moment. This way of living resembles climbing a mountain without a top. It is an endeavor to be on the road with integrity, authenticity, and excellence, while enjoying climbing.


At the Moment

What I Am Engaged With

Your mind is struggling to have an image of me!

My Doing

Researching — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

  • In the past I was researching on Modern Approaches of Cognitive Psychology as well as language and Cognitive Linguistics
  • With the spread of Computational Social Scinece, I have foucsed on cognitive computational area

Writings — — — — — — — — —

  • My writings are aligned with what I research and what I teach
  • I have written and translated some books and it is going on
  • Also, I have a few poems that are printed

Teaching — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

  • My teaching is based on an Onthological/Phenomenological Approach
  • The subject matters of what I am currently teaching is mainly on Education and Leadership



My Courses


Art of Leading

The "Art of Leading" is a transformational course that is held as a workshop.

More on "Art of Leading"



Research & projects

My Portfolio


I have several large scale accomplished projects some of which were at national and some others at international scale. Apart from the research that I have conducted for my projects, there are many independent research that I have conducted. I am currently focused in research with computational approach.

research & projects


Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

My Books
Author & Translator


There are many valuable books in the areas of my research that need to be translated. I do translate these books in my spare time. On the other hand, there are subjects that shall be written down from scratch. Writing a book from scratch requires a great amount of work and patience in order for it to be worth reading for the readers.

Drop of Plain Feelings

A Drop of Plain Feelings

Every one of us has moments in life when we have extraordinary either gloomy or joyful feelings. These moments are very special at least for ourselevs. We would like to preserve them through our life. I have recorded some of my feeling at these moments by writing them down in a way that reading it refresh the same feeling of that special moment.

Administration & Management
Private & Public Sector

Administration/ Management

My administration experience enriched through many years of my administration in both publich and private sectors. In public sector, I successfully managed various very large departments in the Ministry of Culture and the Television. I, in private sector, either founded companies or reengineered them that made them grow very large.

Film Production

Film Production

I have had several TV productions among which are "The Jewels of the South" and "The Secrets of the North" that are two of the big-production documentary films that were shown by all the major TV channels, including Discovery, BBC, NHK, and Canal+, all over the globe. My producer fo these fantastic documentaries was Nigel Marven

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